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The mistakes I shall try not to make if or when I become a parent

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

In children `s lifes parents are very important and play a big role. First of all, I think that parents shouldn`t yell at children because this is not a very good method to bring up children. I know that sometimes when there is no other way we must yell but without reasons this is unnecessary. Second of all, parents shouldn`t beat children and I don`t support any kind of corporal punishment . Third of all parents should talk much with the children about their problems, then the atmosphere between parents and children will be better.

I dont advocate strict discipline but children should feel respect for parents .Moreover parents should avoid putting to much pressure on their children as for as school, free time, activities , hobbies are concerned. I believe that the relationship between parents and children should be built on solid principles of understanding and tolerance. In my view parent -children relationship should be more like friends. Parents should always love their children and take good care them .

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