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The best shopping street in the world

Autor /naireUnixRink Dodano /26.10.2005

A recent survey has shown that the busiest shopping street in the world is not London,New York, or Paris, but in Warsaw.It's called Nowy Świat.
It's lovely place to shop.There are statues ,palaces,attractive town houses,and high-class restaurants.The buildings aren't too tall.They look old ,but in fact the whole city was rebuilt after World War II.
There aren't any billboards or neon lights.There isn't any loud music ,and there aren't many tourists.People think that Polish shops have nothing to sell ,so nobody comes shopping here.The world doesn't know about this paradise for shoppers - yet.
It is now possible to buy almost everything in Warsaw.
There are a lot of shops from the West ,but the interesting thing is that Polish manufacturers are now producing high quality goods.They are good because they are not mass produced for world consumption.
Nowy Świat has a lot of small shops ,specialist shops ,and chic shops.It hasn't got the huge department stores that sell the same things everywhere.
If you're tired ,stop at Cafe Blikle.This is a fashionable place to meet.You'll find a lively atmosphere ,and a lot of well-known Poles.The frozen yoghurt and ice-creams are excellent ,and its famous doughnuts are delicious.
It is possible to travel the world and find the same things for sale in every country.
But Warsaw is different because its shops are unique - and they're in Nowy Świat.

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