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The best film you've seen

Autor /Zachariasz Dodano /15.11.2011

Armagedon, directed by Michael Bay is a fascinating science fiction film. It is set in NASA Laboratory and in space. The film is about struggle between people and a huge meteor. Scientist of NASA discovered that a huge meteor comes nearer to the Earth. It flies at 35 thousand kilometers per hour. If it fell down, our planet would be destroyed. Boss – Dan Truman, played by Billy Thomton, thinks, that mission of space shuttle, which participants will land on the meteor, will drill holes and will place there nuclear change, will be one of possible sollutions.

Henry Stamper, played by Bruce Willis, is the only one human, who could do it. Life on our planet depends on Harry Stamper and his abilities. Mission with Harry Stamper and his friends was succesfull, but he had to die for mankind. All the actors especially Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler are excellent. The film is filled with suspence and emotion. The scenes in space were wonderfull. The film presents one of many answers for questions : „How will the Earth look like in future?”

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