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Autor /Zachariasz Dodano /15.11.2011

Terror, as a concept, means "intimidating", but this intimidating is in great intensity and capable of creating sudden feelings of fear on individuals explaining the manner of violence. There have been many definitions made regarding terror, but in the international arena, no common concept has been determined. This is because the person who is declared as the terrorist by one side is called as the warrior of freedom by the other side. The most significant characteristic of terror is that it chooses the target randomly, and this random determination of victim causes the fear they try to achieve on the individuals in greater impacts. If there is no specific precaution taken in case something bad happens, the one who is chosen, as the target will be defenceless. This potential victim has got nothing to do with defending himself not knowing the danger, because, the time and the place of the murderous action are up to the terrorist himself within his rules and aims.

According to Law of Terror Prevention (dated 12.04.1991 and numbered 3713), Terror is defined as follows: "Terror is all kinds of activities to be attempted by a member or members of an organization on the purpose of changing the characteristics of the Republic which is stated in the constitution, and the political, juridical, social, secular, economic system, destroying the territorial integrity of the state and the government and its people, weakening or ruining or invading the authority of the government, demolishing the rights and freedom, jeopardizing the existence of Turkish government and Republic, destroying the public order or peace and security."

Islam is a religion of peace. Terrorism on the other hand, has to do with the use of violent force and intimidation by individuals or groups to achieve political aims. Clearly therefore, Islam and Terrorism are two separate and distinctive ideologies. Terrorism has no place in Islam. This is why Muslims all over the world are united in condemning unequivocally the September 11, 2001 dastardly attacks on targets in America.

The horrific attacks on targets in US are pregnant with lessons and messages that the world cannot ignore if a repeat of another wrong is to be avoided. In my opinion, the messages in these attacks are simple and clear, it is about the need for honesty, fairness and equity. There is the need to treatment other nations and their citizens fairly, honestly and equally in the world affairs. Western nation foreign policies, particularly those of the US towards other nations are anything but fair, honest or equal.

While United States is still trying to establish who masterminded September 11 assaults in New York and Washington, They have declared that they are at “war with terrorism," and they will make no distinction between the terrorists and those who harbor them. The US government has already named their chief suspect as Bin Laden currently living in Afghanistan. While Muslims all over the world including ordinary Afghans support the tracking down of these terrorists, large-scale military attack on Afghanistan is certainly going to be another wrong. Only innocent people (women and children) will be killed in such large-scale attacks (in addition to over 300 Afghans that are so far reported as either missing or dead in the WTC attacks, also).

Common characteristics of the terrorist organisations are:

  1. To express itself by violent actions and make its’ name known internationally

  2. To find a legal fundament by exploiting existing ideological systems

  3. To rely on democratic corporations, laws and shields to conceal their violent ideas.

  4. To sustain their actions

  5. To be organised

  6. To destroy the social order

  7. To be involved in the crime organisations to maintain financial support.

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