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Technology has become a major stressor

Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

The year is 2050 AD. We live in the world, which has been flooded by new discoveries in technology. Scientists improve our live to be easier, we don't have to work, we have more time for the rest, for our family, and for have a fun. Everything, which used to make us the problems, has changed for the better. We are very often exchanged for the robots, and machines in everything. Unfortunately the big progress in technology has become a major stressor.

Very often we can't make up right decisions, because we have a lot of information, and we can't find the information which we need. Our live is too faster, we can't concentrate and the decisions are made too quickly, very often the decisions not considered. Finally we see the results of our behavior. It is very stressful. There are a lot of things whose put us under stress.

For example the parking meters operated by our voice. Sometimes we must park there for a few minutes, and we see on them some errors. Sometimes they take our money, and don't give us the parking bills. We must give next cash and then they give us them. But it's very sparsely. When they only take our money and if we go away and our car will be towed.

Next example is our home equipment. A lot of robots from the kitchen have a lot of things, and after preparing our meal we have to clean it, and it makes more problems than making the meal by primitive equipment.

We are also put under stress in the traffic jams. For example Poland import thousands cars a year, but the roads are very bad. The cars are very faster, but roads are too slower.

We don't have many ring roads, and we must drive through the city centers, so we can't avoid the traffic jams. There aren't many motorways.

So, the big progress in technology has made our live easier, we are put under stress too often.

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