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Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

The summary of " The frill is gone " Newsweek 17 May 1999

In " The frill is gone " William Underhill describes a specific fight between smaller and bigger airline companies . The spat has come when the smaller one has introduced a cheaper way of flying . Easy Jet corporation offers " no frills" service during its flights . It consists in no offering any facilities . It was really far-reaching idea . Many travelers and tourists do not consider frill is indispensable , to tell the truth they don't care whether if they are given something extra . They decided to turn into using Easy Jet's airlines . That's way British Airways ( Easy Jet's opponent ) got nervous and created its own version "no frill's" service called just " Go " . Easy Jet's management didn't like it and filed a lawsuit against British Airways , alleging anticompetitive practices .

Most of the fledglings and smaller carriers are harmed by the government . Because the are not provided with any financial support . The government sides with stabilized companies with tradition . These companies insist on not giving any subsidies for the upstarts . The pundits claim , it can't be done for the company without long-lasting recommendation and its only hope is to run a business all of its own .

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