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Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

Stress is a very common feeling in our life. We feel stressed in many situations of our life. Stress attacks everyone and everywhere - at home, at school, on the street, during travels, in underground. It has very unpleasant symptoms. like headache, stomachache, swallowing saliva noisily, paleness, trembling of hands. We often don’t realize that others see our behaviour and it is often the cause of many undesirable situations.

In everyday life we often feel stress, for example when we take an exam. Although we try to stop noisy saliva noisily or trembling of our hands we can’t do it. We are more and more nervous and it often makes us forget what we should say (speak about). We also suffer from stress when we travel - all the time we are afraid that we will have a crash or that we will be robbed. We feel stressed when we quarrel with our parents or get bad notes at school. Many people, who don’t have any friends, feel bad and nervous. They are derided by others and it may be the main cause of stress and frustration. Many adults live in stress when they have to solve problems, settle important matters or make sensible decisions. They have a dangerous work or failures in their job they don’t feel good. Tragic events in our life, for example somebody’s death or serious disease have bad influence on our psyche. But also good events like a marriage or the child’s birth result in stress. We are afraid of changes in our life, I think.

Stress may be very dangerous for us. People, who suffer from stress frequently, have heart illness more often. People, who have much work and have lack time all the time are mostly too tired to do any pleasant things like walking with children or meeting with friends. Stress may be also the cause of committing suicide - failure makes us unhappy and not willing to live.

There are a lot of ways of reliving stress. One of them is sport - it’s a good way to relax. Another way is a lot of resting, walking and going out (for example to the cinema, theatre or to a concert). Talking to our family is also very important for our comfort. Meeting with friends may help us to forget about the problems. We should listen to other people’s advice - then we can solve problems much more easily. When we are really frustrated we ought to go to a psychologist - many people profit from specialist’s help. We should also eat much food containing vitamins and minerals - they have positive influence for our organisms.

In my opinion if we try to do this, we may be happier and avoid many unpleasant situations. But I think that people will never relieve stress completely and we will always suffer from stress in some parts of our lives.

result in sth - powoduje (coś)

not willing - nie pragnący

get rid of - pozbyć się

food containing... - jedzenie zawierające...

completely - całkowicie

avoid - unikać

relieve - pozbyć się (stresu)

saliva - ślina

paleness - bladość

undesirable - niepożądane

failure - niepowodzenie

deride - wysmiewać

settle important matter - załatwić ważną sprawę

underground - metro

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