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Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

One evening I was walking together with my friend and my dog across the park. The weather was very beautiful so I took also a book. We were looking at the starry sky, when we suddenly heard a terrifying scream somewhere behind us. At the beginning we were afraid, but we quickly realized that somebody was asking for our help, so we had to react somehow. We stood up quickly and decided to get to know what happened. We saw an old lady laying on the ground and calling for help. She was in despair because someone has already stolen her bag. We gave her our hands and rose her, than we sat at the bench.

My friend - Asia called the police and an ambulance. The lady looked terrible because she had bruises and scratches everywhere. Her nose was broken and it was awfully bleeding. We had to do something while waiting for the ambulance, because the lady was growing weaker. We lied her at the bench and I run quickly and wet my handkerchief with water (I took water from a fountain). Than we made her cold compress and stemmed bleeding. When the ambulance arrived, the lady was getting better, but the nurses took her to the hospital. The policemen began to look for the thief.

A few days latter I was with my friend and my dog in the park again. We met the old lady. She was very satisfied, because the thief was arrested and she got her bag and all her money back. She looked better, but unfortunately her arm was broken. She was very grateful to us for help and she wanted to give us a reward. I said: " No, thanks. There is no need to do this. I think it was our duty to help you and we shouldn't expect any reward."

I think that people have to help other persons when there is such a need. Our reward should be very simple word "thanks". This word is better than all valuable presents or big sums of money.

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