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Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

Winter in mountains has always seemed to be more beautiful than in city or village. People go there not only to skii, but also to spend a really nice time during a long hikes through coverd with snow valleys and hills. But for me and my friends mountains are something more than a place for rest and environment. They remains us a dangerous adventure that happened last winter holidays.

It was early in the morning, but we had already eaten breakfest and prepared for a long journey. Although the sun had already started its all day wandering, still it was quite dark outside. It was very cold and thats why some of us didn`t want to go, but in the end everyone took his warmest clothes and went out of the hotel.

'What a beautiful, beautiful view' - said Ann when we reached to the upper part of the mountains.

Everyone agreed with her becaouse it was a really wanderful, white scenery, worthy of admiring.

'Look!' - said Joe - 'There is a warning'

We looked in the showed direction, and we saw a yellow board. It said 'Warning, avalanches'

Behind it there was a path leading to the higher mountains.

'I`ve got an idea. What do you think of going there?' - said Tim.

'No, I don`t think it`s a good idea. It`s stupid and dangerous' - said Ann.

'Oh, common.' - said Joe-' Don`t be chicken-hearted.

'I`m not chicken-hearted, I just want to warn you that it is very dangerous.

'O.K.' - disturbed them Peter - 'Stop quarelling and let`s go.

After a while we passed the board and went along the thin path. We walked for a few hours, but we didn`t reach anywhere. The path seemed to be unfinished.

'You should have been listen to me' - said Ann - 'I`m sure that we have lost'

'Don`t panic - I tried to calm her down.

'Maybe she is right, we have been walking for a few hours and have got nowhere. Besides it is getting cold.' - said Joe.

'Yes, I think we should go back home' - said Peter.

Suddenly Joe started to couth.

'Are you O.K Joe?' - I asked.

'I think so...hmm...I mean I hope so.'

Joe was fine but, his couthing woke the mountains up.

'Can you hear it?' - asked Ann, but this question wasn`t needed. Everone could hear the sound of snow slipping of. After a few seconds we saw it.

'Oh, my God!' - shouted Ann

'We must hide somewhere' - said Tim.

Then I saw a rock forming some kind of a cave.

'Look there!' - I shouted.

Maybe it wasn`t very comfortable and safe place, but than we had no other possibilities. We ran quickly there and waited for what would happen. Some of us started to pray to God, becouse it was God who could save us. Suddenly everything became quiet.

'What`s going on? - whispered Ann.

Nobody answered her. I`ll never forget what happened next. The snow started to fall down and the whole mountain seemed to tremble. I closed my eyes and hoped to survive. I`m not sure wheather I fall asleep or just fainted. When I open my eyes the sun was shining and everything looked like nothing had happened. My friends were still shocked, so it took us a while to start to think clearly.

'What shall we do now?' - asked still frightened Ann.

'We are going home, am I right?' - said I.

Everyone agreed with me. Although we were very tired, without any oppositions we started our way back home. We dreamed about hot chocklate and warm bed. After a few hours our dreams came true. All of us were very happy to be save and sound. I`m sure we will never forget about this adventure.

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