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Starting a new hobby or sport - CAE test answer

Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

Starting a new hobby or sport

The hobby I want to tell you about is making Web Pages. I've been doing them for two years and I really enjoy it!

A Web Page is a graphic presentation of an idea, company or anything else that you can access through the Internet simply by entering its URL address. I'm an author of some of them, e.g. those on www.epa.com.pl

So, what do you get if you involve yourself with making the Pages? Well, at first you can get lots of satisfaction from your work, especially when you know how many people could have seen your work. You may also earn quite a big amounts of money if you do it professionally. Any company is ready to pay a lot for having a good-looking Web Site. And, of course, it is very good to do something developing your skills.

Disadvantages? High phone bills and expenses caused by getting software (of course if you would like to have a legal one...). And cost of fast enough computer - a one with Pentium II processor should be enough. But don't get scared - if you want be "hanging on the lines" whole day the bills should be about 40 pounds a month.

As you see this is a hobby for ambitious, quite wealthy people who have too much time to spent gazing at the screen. But everyone should try it just to see how funny it can be. I'm sure that you'll enjoy being a Webmaster!

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