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Something about love

Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

Love is a feeling which rely on a deep attachment to somebody, on desire for beloved person to be happy. We feel affection for members of our family - parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. In the young and mature age, this feeling appears as a love to the person of different sex - girl or boy, woman or man. Under influence of love and positive impact of our sweetheart, we can get rid of many disadvantages and become more valuable person. But unfortunately we can quite often meet a selfish love, which rely on the fact, that not a happiness of loved person, but one's own is the most important.

Love is a feeling that releases many positive actions. Under influence of love the most beautiful poetry, songs and painting masterpieces came into being.

Love is the greatest feeling in world and I think life wouldn't exist without it. When you are head over heels in love you feel on top of the world. And when you are feeling bad about yourself, your beloved is there to remind you of all those qualities, you may have forgotten. Feeling so accepted, you are able to set higher goals, try harder and achieve more. Through close friendship you learn the fine art of giving. You expand become more selfless, feel more deeply and help more effectively. Seeing the happiness you bring to another person gives you a greater sense of well being and increases your capacity of love.

But love is not always so brilliant. Sometimes love is unhappy and it happens that your beloved breaks your heart. The pain you feel when you loose someone you love, must be horrible. But life must go on even though you have lost someone and even though you don't want to, it does. And before you know it, you find yourself falling in love again. The time it takes before this varies according to how deep in love you were the last time.

As far as I know, there is no medicine that can obliterate passionate feelings for someone, and I can't see any reason why there should be any.

No matter how you look at it, love is an incredibly powerful emotion. Love brings about its share of problems, but in the end true love is worth it! For those of you out there who are in love, be thankful. For those of you who are looking for love, be patient, it will come. And for those of you having trouble with love, be understanding, and don't let a great thing pass you by. Love is the best thing in life, it's important that we cherish it, and never take our true love for granted.

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