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Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

Snobbery is regarded as a negative quality. Snobbish people usually pretend that they are better or wiser than others. They also pay too much respect to social position or wealth and often imitate the style of life upper classes that they don't belong to. According to psychologists, almost everyone is inclined to be a snob. This is inseparably connected with human nature. Everyone wants to be more important, more famous and better off than he is. There is no doubt that those who don't belong to any social group are more often subject to snobbery.

Good examples are country people who move to big cities and want to assimilate quickly and be like their neighbours. Of course there isn't anything wrong in it is as far as they imitate people of worth and try to be as good as them at speaking foreign languages or using a computer for example. In this sense snobbery is a positive phenomenon. The positive influence of snobbery also lies in the fact that at first people only imitate others out of sheer snobbery, but then they gradually begin to be truly interested in something and in the process of time become real lovers of painting or classical music.

In the past, people in Poland used to pretend that they were great experts at new trends in art and they imitated popular artists. Nowadays, they are more prone to imitate actors and singers in vogue. They would like to know them personally and look like them. The latest rage is also copying American models, especially by young people who like to add American words into a conversation, wear sports clothes, watch American films and adopt an easy manner. Poles in general tend to admire and uncritically accept everything that comes from the West. They are also proud of their noble ancestors and often are unwilling to confess that they are descended from the peasantry or working class.

Psychologists say that there are more snobs among men than women. The reason is that men are more often driven by a desire to make a career and achieve success in life. If they don't fulfil their ambitions, they suppress the failure and pretend to be someone they have never managed to become.

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