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Słówka i zwroty - Samochody i policjanci

Autor /Maksymilian Dodano /15.11.2011


  • bumper- zderzak

  • car body shop- blacharz

  • don’t overtake- nie wyprzedzaj

  • driving licence

  • headlight- światła przednie

  • indicator- kierunkowskaz

  • insurence certificate

  • overtake- wyprzedać

  • registration book

  • ticket= fine- mandat

  • to plow down = reduce the speed- zwolnij

  • tow-truck= road assistance= break-down lorry- pomoc drogowa

  • tyre repair shop- wulkanizator

  • windscreen- przednia szyba

  • wiper- wycieraczka


  • Can I park my car here?

  • Could you call a road assistance.

  • I had a slight accident.

  • I was stoped for overspeed

  • I’ve crossed the double continous line.

  • I’ve exceeded the speed limit.

  • I’ve got a flat tyre.

  • Is it a supervised car park?

  • Is there a multi-storey car park near here?

  • It wasn’t my falt I had a right of way.

  • Just the essential repairs, please.

  • My car doesn’t/ won’t start. The engine sounds funny and it hasn’t got any power.

  • Officer could you write down a short report with the desription of the damage because this is required for insurance company in my country.

  • Something wrong with the breakes?

  • The side door is dented.

  • You were driving to close to me.

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