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Should business women get married?

Autor /Maksymilian Dodano /15.11.2011

I think that she should. First of all – I think that will be dishonest if we said that she shouldn’t get married. Businesswoman is a normal person like all of us and if she wants to get married she can do it. It’s a free will for everybody. But often she doesn’t get married because she wants to be attractive and she also wants to earn a lot of money. Thanks to this she can support her family.

I think that businesswoman should get married because every human being wants to have family, children, to have somebody when she will be old. But from the other side she could not have time for her family. She could also often go to another country and lives her family for a long time. But I think that is not enough reason to this that she couldn’t get married. I think that she could balance work and family life.

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