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Scaramanga walked to the door and turn on the lights

Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

Scaramanga wolked to the door and turn on the lights. His golden gun was pointing directly at the James Bond. When James saw Scaramanga start spook to him. Merry took James gun behind his back and pointing directly at Scaramanga, but he said:

-Put the gun down and kick it to me, or I kill James.

Marry said:

-Ok, ok I put it down.

When Scaramanga stooped for gun, James shooted to him an arrows with sleeping gas witch was in his watch. Scaramanga felt down. Merry and James escape. When they were living the hotel they met Scaramanga with his guards. James was very surprised, he asked:

-What the hell is going on? Who was that man in the hotel room? Scaramanga said:

-That was my double.

Suddenly one of the guards who stood behind them hit Marry and James in to their heads. They blocked out. When they wolked up they were in cage. Scaramanga let Marry go, but James stayed in cage. Scaramanga said:

-This is one of my guards who is going to kill you.

When Scaramanga went away James use his arrows one more time, and guard blocked out, and James could escape...

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