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Problem of crime in modern society

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

Crime is increasing in our society. We often ask ourselves „why?”. There are many reasons.

Firstly the law isn’t strict enough for criminals, so many of them aren’t afraid of punishment. Criminals spend too little time in prison and they have too good conditions there. In many countries, as in Poland, there isn’t death penalty, however it would help us to stop increasing violence and crime and it would be a warning for criminals.

Another problem is that often the homeless commit crime to go to prison because they have food free of charge, bed, TV and other entertainments. I think that our government should be more interested in these people and try to help them (give them places to live, meals).

Everybody knows that many crimes are committed by teenagers. They often want to have more friends and they decide to commit a crime to impress them. The young also try to stay against their parents, they want to get money without work and to be independent. TV has huge influence on their behaviour. It shows them the world full of crime and brutal sex, without friendship, love and other important feelings in many thrillers and crime series. It isn’t strange that after watching a film, like „Pulp Fiction” or „Rambo”, crime may seem funny to teenagers. In cartoons there is also bad behaviour, for example a main hero of this film beats others. In films an actor doesn’t die but in real life people do.

Our society nowadays is divided into classes: rich, well-to-do, poor. Poor people, who start their life in poor families or families with the problem of alcoholism, need money and may attack rich (or well to do) people to get money. They usually hate them, because they also would like to live in beautiful villas and have expensive cars. It may be next cause of attacks on people.

Sects, football fans, skins are also very dangerous. Adults often don’t have time for their children and teenagers don’t feel important and needed so they join these groups. Then they can commit crimes with their new „friends”.

We can meet robbers everywhere: on the street, in the school, in shops, in the park. Sometimes a robber wants us to give him money but if we don’t have it he doesn’t believe us and often we are beaten and eventually we go to hospital. From time to time boys beat others for fun - it is one of causes of accidents.

The situation, when people have a gun illegally is also an important cause of crime. They can often buy weapon on „black market”. If criminals have guns, they feel safe and can frighten or use them against innocent people.

Another thing is that alcohol and drugs also have big influence on crime in our society. Often drug addicts want to have money for drugs and attack people. many crimes are committed by drunk men or women.

In my opinion we have to try to stop increasing crime in our society. we should devote more time to our children, we ought to help and co-operate one another, give money for the poor, pay attention to people screaming. This is an easy way to live better and more safely.

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