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Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

Poland is situated between Germany and Russia and thanks to this fact we have had a lot problems over centuries.

After the callapse of the Warsaw Pact we need safeguard because we can’t defend ourselves. Polish people think that national security will be assured by joining NATO. In my opinion it is true but it will cost lots of money and we have to solve many problems.

The effective democratic control of the army is the biggest problem we have to deal with on our way to NATO.

Now Poland has civilian oversight of the army but the border between competitions of the civilian ministry of defence and general staff is not clear. For example when president Wałęsa took part in Drawski dinner some generals showed that civilian control doesn’t appeale to them. The same problem is between Mr. President and the government. Now they are in the same pact but in the past they had problem with distribution of competence. I think that the resolution of a democratic constitution will and these controversies.

In the Polish army about 90% of equipment was made in Russia. We now that this country doesn’t agree with our plans. It will big problem because Poland is very poor and changing all arms is very expensive. When we join NATO we will have to change all arms in a short time. It costs lots of money and I think with the present defence budget we won’t join NATO. Polish people have to realise that defence budget has to increase.

At the same time the Polish army has to dicrease because the national budget doesn’t maintain big army. Now

Polish army is decreasing but we have change proportion between compulsory service and professional army. I think our army has to be smaller but more modern and professional.

I am afraid that decision about Poland’s admission into NATO structures will be taken when Russia agrees to it.


assure - zapewniać, zabezpieczać

solve - rozwiązać

deal with - załatwić

oversight - wgląd, kontrola

appeal - oddziaływać

will end this controversion - zakończy te kontrowersje

compulsory - przymusowy

admission - przyjęcie

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