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Pets at home – a pleasure or a problem

Autor /Zachariasz Dodano /15.11.2011

I think that pets at home are for many people a big problem. There is plenty of evidence to show that someone who wants to keep cat or dog or any other popular pet should think twice before he make decision. Animals needs a lot of attention. They are much usefull. For example dog can help his blind owner. We must be very patient in trainig. Animals are stinky and they are expensive to keep.

Pet to be happy must eat the right food, live in the right place. The pet can’t be alone all days in home. They need very much care. But I’m sure that there are people for whom pets are a pleasure. I belong to them. They love pets and spend many time with them. They don’t think that pets are a problem and they have very often many pets in home.

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