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Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

The actual word perfume comes from the Latin " per fumus " witch means literally " by smoke". Until than there was scent (czytaj sent ) of course , in flowers even in trees but it could not be controlled in any way.

The Egyptian used scent very lavishly . And they tough the whole of the ancient word , how to use scent . In particular they passed their knowledge on the Jews. They wore on their heads a perfumes cones , and in Cleopatras rooms , floors were covered by roses . People were in habit of stealing holy oils from the tamples. The courtesans of ancient Greece perfumed their breath by rolling sweet scented liquid around their tongues. In Roman times scented become a status symbol among rich wemen at the times. People were perfumed everything from their body to water witch they drank . The technique for the preservation of perfumes through distillation was discovered in 11 th . century in several places.

In the Middle East rose water was invented . In the Middle Ages and the Reformation people sprayed themselves with perfumes as a substitute of hygiene . It was during the 18 th. Century that Paris really began to reign ( czytaj rain) as a centre of luxury , fashion and elegance . The use perfumes was the height of fashion in the reign of Elizabeth I . Nowadays people like exotic , rather heavy scents with oriental undertones for evenings and for everyday use the simler ""green" smells of citrus and single floral scents. Nowadays the blossoms are blend into the familiar perfumes we buy , so perfume making remains the same.

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