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People are like animals

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

Sometimes people say that dogs look like their owners. One day I realized that people have also many similarities, including the character, with insects. It occurred to me during one of the visits at my aunt's house.

My mother's sister is moving so fast, she likes to work, and is so dedicated to her purpose no matter the obstacles. While looking at her, only thing I could think of were ants. Hundreds of ants always working on their chores. Never taking a rest, never stopping; ants are always moving and so is my aunt. I never saw her in one place longer than a minute.

One time I went to DMV in Poland to pick up my new plates. The lady that was sitting at the desk, was nothing like my aunt. She was moving slowly, so slow that I could run around the building and come back, and she would be still in the same place. Besides that she was twice as wide as me, and her voice sounded like buzzing rumble. That lady looked exactly like a big, lazy bee humming around her hive.

I had difficulties to assign insect characteristics to my modest person. If anything I have something out of a spider. Always waiting quietly in the middle of action, waiting for the right moment. Moving quickly to catch my prey. I am born businessman.

I do not like thinking too much about bugs. In longer run it gets disgusting. I begin to think about some people as cockroaches. I hate cockroaches. I prefer to think about people in pleasant ways, like bears and other "fluffy" species.

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