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Narrow Escape

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

The story I would like to tell happened when I was about five years old.It was the day when my parents took me for a drive to do some shopping.As the shopping centre is not an advisable place for small children as they keep their parents to buy them some dreamt of sweets or toys,I was left at the back seat of our maluch and my parents went shopping.As the shop was situated on a hill and there was not any car park around,our car was parked in front of the mall.While my parents were doing shopping I grew bored to death.Just like most boys at my age I was intrested in everything what had wheels.Taking advantage of my parents absence I left my seat at the back and moved at the driver`s seat.I started to play with the steering wheel imagining that I was driving the car by myself.I can not remember the details of the event.All I know that somehow

I released the handbrake and the car with me behind the wheel started to roll down the hill!I realised that the car was moving faster and faster,but I was not aware of the fact something could happen to me.All I could do was just watch and wait.Fortunately the moving vehicle was noticed by a taxi driver who left his car nearby then and ran after it.

I was really lucky because there were not any other people around.The taxi driver was off duty and he was just doing shopping just like my parents.He stopped the car and started to yell at me.But a five year old child could not understand what had happened.When my parents turned up,the man who came to my rescue told them what he thought about them.

In summary,It was a great lesson of responsibility for my parents who were really shocked when they realised they could lose me.As for me I belive I had the luck of the devil that nothing happened to me.In conclusion I`m sure that everyone has his own guardian angel who watches over him and protects him.It was a really narrow escape.

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