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Narrative Story

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

The sun, tired after wandering all day throught the winter skies, was just taking cover behind the highest buildings of the city. The moon had already managed to come out. The day was slowly changing into night. Although main streets should have been very crowded in the evening, that day there was almost nobady, only some homelesses or dranks. The reason for this unusuall situation was very simply. It was very cold. Besides it was snowing for all the time. It was said that for 30 years nobady had seen such a strong winter.

Everyone being sane wouldn`t have walked through the city. Cousy and comfortable home, cup of hot coffe and familiar tv programm was nothing more then paradise . But not all of people could enjoy this wanderful life. Max Kingsley was one of those unlucky people. That night he was looking for a place nights lodging . Unfortunately he was alone and he had to depend on himself. Desperately he decided to sleep in the refuse dump .It was quite far away from the city center, so he did need to be afraid of anything. He sat down between sacks of all kind of litters. Despite of getting dark he could see that inside there were some useful things. He was too tired, though, to have a look at them, so he promised himself to do this next day. Max tried to feel comfortable and imagine that he was in a nice hotel.

Unfortunately looking at his dirty, frayed clothes and torn blankets , he came back to the real word. He covered himself with some rugs, blankets and closed his eyes. Before he fall asleep, he thought about the sense of life and remained his awful past. Max had not known nor his mother neither his father. Just after birthday his parents had took him to the orphanage. Max had spent there the whole, long 18 years. He had finished technical school of agriculture and wanted to continue his education. In his instance it had been impossible, so his plans had become only dreams. It had not been the only reason of his tragedy. In his 18`s one day his teacher told him 'I am really sorry but you can live here no longer.

Now you are an adult person and you have to start your own life.' He had always remembered this words. Since that day his life had become more hard and difficult then he had ever expected. He had got some important house things of and some money. First he had rented a small flat in a He had not live there too long, though, because of his stupidity. He had made friends with people who had took advantage of him and been deprived of everything. Then they had gone away and Max had stayed alone with no family and no friends. He had had to be strong to survive, because life on the streets had always been ruthless. It was the whole story of his short, 22 years existence.

It was about midnight. It was not snowing any more but still it was freezing. Somewhere in the city alarm-signal of police was able to be heard. It was not loud enough to wake up Max, who was dreaming about better life.

Suddenly something big stroke his head. Max woke up. He looked around with confusion but he saw nobody. 'What was that?', he said to himself. Then his attention absorbed a large parcel. He picked it up and tried to get to know what was inside it by weighing it out. Having no idea, he was just to open it, when a strange thought entered his head. It told him to took the parcel and go far away from this place. Without thinking Max packed all his invaluable things and rushed out. He had been running untill he got tired.

He did not know where he should have been hide. He just kept on walking towards the center of the city. For all the time he was thinking about contents of the parcel and this thought let him stand cold, freezy conditions of the winter night. When he got to the main streets, he saw many police radiocars. Probably they were looking for some criminalists. Max did not take care of it and just went ahead. Police and special squad engaged of solving some cases, paid no attention for a beggar who had slowly walked by.

It was getting bright when he decided to rest for a while. He turned into small, closed street and sat on the parcel. Then it striked his head that he had known nothing about contanents of it. He decided to open it. Feelings that came over him, after doing it, were not able to be described. Inside the parcel there was a lot of green 100 dolars` bank-notes. Max was shocked. He did not know what to do with such a big sum of money. He was very happy, but on the other side he was afraid of being imprisoned. Finally he managed to think clearly and first of all he decided to eat good meal. With full stomach he was able to make next steps in improving his life. He went to a big department store.

Before he got there he had some problems with guards, because they did not want to let him in. Max confident of the force and power of money, finally bribed him. When he went from one shop to another people looked at him with disgust, but Max did not mind it. He chose some elegant clothes, dressed up in fittingroom and left there all his things, ofcourse except of the parcel. After getting from hairdresser he looked completely different. He was very smart. His clothes and jewellery came from the most expensive firms. He looked just like a very rich bussinessman or well known politician. But in real he was still the same Max from orphanage.

Although he had already got to know that money had been stolen from the computer company by unknown crimimalist, he decided to keep the money for himself. At the same day Max bought one ticket to Mexico, and flew away from his home town. He promised himself not to come back there. The only important thing he dreamed about was to forget the past and start new life.

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