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Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

I live in Siedlce - a town in the east of Poland. There live about eighty thousand people . I wasn’t born in Siedlce - I was born in Warsaw but I have lived in Siedlce for sixteen years. I will try to describe my town a little.

Siedlce is situated on the small Muchawka river in the east part of województwo mazowieckie in the region called Podlasie. Several years ago there was the main tourist and communicating trail and Siedlce was developing fast but now the town isn’t such as important place and it is developing more slowly. The town isn’t beautiful for me - there is a lot of litter on the streets, streets are often destroyed, there are many old, ugly, non-renovated buildings. In Siedlce there are some interesting places like a town hall called “Jacek”, which is situated in the centre of my town. A long time ago there was a marketplace opposite the town hall but know there is a small square, where people often come to relax.

Near the centre, on the Konarskiego Street there is a park with Ogiński palace, which was built by duchess Anna Ogińska. It is one of the most attractive places in our town, where the young as well as adults like walking and resting. In the park there is a pond. I think that it is good that in Siedlce there is a place like it because when you are tired or feel nervous you may go for a walk, calm your nerves and have contact with nature. In the park there is also a playground, where we can often see children playing and shouting. In Siedlce there is also the museum, where we can see many pictures, photos and interesting documents connected with history of Siedlce.

In Siedlce young people spent their free time on the disco, in the pubs or walking and shopping. In the town there are too few concerts of famous bands I think, so only sometimes we may enjoy this type of entertainment. Siedlce has its own local TV called Catel, which often shows us important events for the inhabitants. We have also some local newspapers like „Tygodnik Siedlecki” or „Echo Podlasia”. In Siedlce there is also the catholic radio „Katolickie Radio Podlasia”.

In my town there are several primary schools, some high schools and one academy. Students and other inhabitants of Siedlce and people living near the town can use the library, which is situated in the town hall in the centre of the city.

In Siedlce there are also some industrial plants like „Drosed” or „Mostostal”, which are known in the whole Poland.

I think that several years ago Siedlce was more beautiful place than it’s today. Before The Second War there were a lot of rich Jews and other people in the town - then Siedlce had its own theatre, some breweries and, for example, knives’ factory, which belonged to my grandfather’ father. When I watch pictures from these times I see beautiful trees, clean streets, nice buidings. I think that Siedlce is becoming more and more dirty and ugly. I think that it’s good that the pope will come to Siedlce in June because thanks to it there is more money for renovating some buildings and streets.

I’m glad that I live in Siedlce instead of living in a village but if I had a choice I would like to move to akaniec bigger town or city.

industrial plants - zakłady przemysłowe

Jew - Żyd

litter - śmieci

brewery - browar

pond - staw

pope - papież

renovate - odnowić

duchess – księżna

academy – uczelnia wyższa

inhabitant – mieszkaniec

choice - wybór

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