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My spare (free) time

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

My name is Magda and I`m seventeen. My secondary school includes four years studying. I attend to school to third class, so I haven`t got much time for my hobbies on week. I am not a book friend. I read the readings, the through-taken we into the school, occasionally.

I read gladly about psychology, biographic novels and dramas. Now, with pleasures, in the catalog page and I read the magazine. Sometimes I borrow books from the library, they are Thrillers. In my house I have a quantity of books, particularly in my room, I feel as in my the science. Daily, after the school, I go drinking tasteful tea to the house coffee. Then I always calm down, I do not have to think about school and all checks. Directly later, I come back to the house and I eat my dinner.

I begin approximately eighteen hour to do my homework. I go sleeping, not early as twelve. On weekend I must take a remainder absolutely. On Saturday I sleep to at least ten hour. After the breakfast I go to buying with my friend. If I return, I am very lazy, therefore I see TV. I prefer " talk-shows " and some comedies. I borrow the video cassettes of film from time to time they are melodramas(?) or good criminals. I like cinema also! Recently I was on " Scary Movie ". It was really distinguished film. The complete cinema hall was full. My favourite actor is Brad Pitt, particularly its amazing role in the " Interview with Vampire" is very interesting for me. In the evening, normally I go to discotheque with my friends. I like to be into their society. We are often arrive on campfires.

I take lessons on the Swimming pool and on the sport hall twice on the week. Despite tiredness I like that training, although I prefer sport disciplines on the television set.

My hobby is music. I hear radio, of the CD or of TV. Interest me each type of music, but I prefer black singers of the structure, particularly Craig David and Wu-tang clan. I know each title and executor area youth music. In holidays I go to other. Sometimes it is Spain, sometimes I arrive to Israel. I my parents frequently, but the following summer, which I go with group of my age.

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