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Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

Schools are very important in our life. Everybody knows that most people can’t live in modern society without them - education is needed when we try to get a job. An atmosphere at school has big influence on our mental development - we meet a lot of people, we learn good manners and ways of solving hard problems in our lives.

What are the main advantages of my school? First of all I like high standard of teaching - my school is the best and the most known school in my town. Many well-educated, vigorous and friendly teachers work to teach the most clever and talented students in the town. Thanks to it every pupil has better chance to get to a good university than their peers from other schools. This is the school with old tradition - one of the most famous Polish writers, Boleslaw Prus, was learning in The First High School in Siedlce, so nowadays a lot of people call this school „Prus”. My lovely school is well equipped - it has many TV sets, computers, videos, books. Prus has a beautiful, modern gym, which is the biggest in Siedlce. Next to school there is the biggest boarding-establishment with a canteen. Sometimes, during pauses, you may hear great music from loud-speakers. I think that it’s a good idea because listening to music help us to relieve stress like people in my school - they are very friendly and talkative.

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages of my school. The most important problem is, that there are too many students in Prus. Because of it the timetable is wrong: students must learn till late hours, there is a huge crowd during pauses. Another disadvantage is that sometimes equipment of the toilets is destroyed by some students and the school doesn’t have money for repairing it for a long time. But these are the only things which I don’t like in Prus.

I think that my school is a very good institution. Nowadays there are many well-educated people, who were learning at Prus several years ago and who have good jobs, earn much money and have good position in our society. If I had to choose the school again I’m sure I would choose Prus. I regret that I will leave this school and I hope that my children will be learning in The First High School in Siedlce.

because of sth - z powodu czegoś

upbringing - dobre wychowanie

mental development – rozwój psychiczny

thanks to sth (sb) - dzięki czemuś (komuś)

vigorous - energiczny

talkative - rozmowny

boarding establishment - internat

canteen - stołówka

timetable - rozkład zajęć

good manners – dobre maniery, wychowanie

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