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My perfect wife

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

I know that my perfect wife doesn`t exist (except in my dreams), but if I have to write about her, she should be very perfect. Let`s start from how she looks.

She should has pretty long, curly, blonde or dark hair (also legs should be long -). I don`t like when woman`s hair looks like man`s (It means, I don`t like very short hair). Of course she should be very proportional. I love dexterous women. Also I like blue eyes so she should has ones.

Let`s talk about her character. She should be (warning ! Now I make a list of features of my perfect wife. I know there are a lot of them, but I hope you like it) : loyal, sincere, faithful, reliable and she should be a bosom friend especially when I feel lonely and nothing is going right. Our love should be full of devotion, fondness, sacrifice, resposibility, tolerance and joy. It should give us the sense of belonging, safety and happiness. Of course she should be wise, intelligent and should know when she could speaks (I know, you don`t like it. It`s so jingoistic). It would be better if I define accurately my thoughts. She should speaks not to much, becouse I don`t like much-speaking-women. She should be very peaceful, becouse I hate screaming women. I think that`s all in this matter.

My perfect wife wouldn`t be real woman if she wouldn`t like children. She has to love their children very much. She should be very protective and sensible. She always should tries to help them to solve their problems and gives them advice. Also she should likes house works like cooking, vacumming, etc, but if she would likes to earn money, I will agree with her choice.

As you see I am idealist, but I am not taking my dream seriously, couse I don`t want to be old bachelor. Frankly, I have a wonderful girlfriend which isn`t so perfect, but I accept her. At the end I quote words which perfect fits to my girlfriend : "There`s no rose without thorns", which could be a motto to this homework.

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