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My hobby – speech

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

My hobby, about which I would like to tell you, is computer graphics. Well, somebody can tell that it's rather generally said- so answering this, I want to tell that, I'm interested in typography, which means everything connected with making new fonts, formatting text, to make it look good or - very good J etc. There are many many rules that a person formatting text should caution [przestrzegać] and - unfortunately - not many people know them. I hate, when a book, that could be very interesting, is not published well. It causes the situation that I don't want to buy it or even read it, when it's borrowed from somebody.

So currently I format for example some compositions to school or e-mails to my friends. When I have time, I'm preparing my WWW page, which - unfortunately - hasn't been published yet.

I was asked which programs and which programming languages do I use. I would like to tell, that currently [obecnie] I'm not using any programming language. But there is one - TeX - which I would really like to get to know. It's told to be the ideal program and a person, who finds any mistake in it, will be given a huge award (in $$$). One year ago I joined a conference about this program and it really amazed me- It can almost everything! And I'm really looking forward to have time for learning TeX.

Programs, which I use now are not as complicated as TeX. These are Corel Draw 8, Corel Photopaint 8, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and - what a shame for me - still Microsoft Word 2000. This last one I use most, but it really makes me angry sometimes and is not enough for me now. The first one is used for vector graphics, second and third for bitmaps. The last one is just word processor, maybe a little bit more than it-

So, as you realized, I think, I'm not engaged [zajmować się] in computer graphics in meaning of drawing (painting etc.), but in another meaning, less associated [kojarzone] with this domain [zakres], but more interesting for me.

Well, I think that love for beautiful books or generally - text formatted well, I have got from my father who at present is a director of publishing house called "Wydawnictwo Do" (in English: "DO Publishing House"). He has taught me much about formatting. And also about some words and abbreviations connected with this domain. For example: dpi - which means dots per inch (RGB monitor has approximately 75 dpi).

One thing makes me be interested in this - original - hobby, I think. It's the fact, that there is so much more to learn ahead [przede] me. I think I have had some experience in this subject, but it's only a drop in the sea- Getting this knowledge and making use of it is what I want to do in my life.

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