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My first day skipped in school

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

I think it was close to spring, yes definitely spring. I remember sun blinding me constantly, it was driving me crazy. I was about 10 years old, and I was going to school with my friend Piotrek. He lived in my block on 4th floor which was just 3 floors down from my place. We were best friends and even attended the same class. It was day like any other, maybe except the date. We were talking about things that 10 year old boys are interested in. Then one of us, I really don't remember which one, suggested that we should skip the school. We were very excited with that thought, and started to plan our first day off. I came up with the idea, we will tell our parents that we were in school and we couldn't find our class, that's why we decided to go home directly.

In brains of two 10 year old boys that excuse seemed to be almost genius, but now when I look back (with my huge experience on playing truants) I'm only laughing. We had some cash for donates and juice, but we thought that it would be best to have some fun. With this huge amount of money we went to fireworks shop and took the biggest firework we saw and few of the little ones. Our excitement was reaching zenith, perspective of doing things which aren't allowed in our age was making us almost teenagers. So we tried to act like ordinary teenager does. First and the most important rule was not to think, the rest was easy. We went to a place which was crowded enough to ignite our firework and threw it on the street. After a while we heard enormous bang and we started to run in accompaniment of car alarms.

Then I felt strong arm on my shoulder, old man had stopped me and started asking questions. From where did I took explosives?, what is my name? where I live?, and which school I attend?. I was so frightened that I told him everything. When he released me I started to run straight to home. I was crying all the way. I hadn't managed to the door of my flat because Piotrek stopped me and started to ask what had happened, I told him about that guy. In that case we both decided the best solution will be telling whole story to our parents. That's what we did. Whole adventure finished long and full of tears speech about playing truants and fireworks. I can' say it was happy end.

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