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My favourite room

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

My favourite room is my room. He's the most important for me in my home. I have a lot happy and sad memories of times spent there: birthday parties, learning by nights to exams. When I return home I'm always taking a rest there. Most of time when I'm in home I am spending in my room. When I'm looking for calm I always can find it there. In the rest of the rooms I don't have to anything to do, but in my room I always have a lot of to work

So what does this special room look like? It's quite big. On the left side of the doors stand furniture they are good-looking and quite big, but not huge. In the focal point of furniture is desk which is very often untidy, but sometimes it's look like very nice and cleanly. The window is very big almost huge and that's why my room is very bright. Under the window is computer. The next is my bed, which looks like pretty nice especially when it's cleaned. Above the bed hangs the map of Poland. Farther stands a cupboard with a many shelves. In the cupboard are a lot of books. In the corner stand two comfortable armchairs.

Straight on the window is a big aquarium that is a most beauty decoration of my room. Above the aquarium on the wall hang photos of me, my friends. On the floor is lovely carpet. The whole my room is decorated by plants. General I think that my room is the best room of all over the world especially when it's cleaned, but even when it isn't cleaned I like to spend time there.

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