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Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

"Zakochany Szekspir" is a comedy. This film is about young writer Shakespeare and beautiful aristocratic girl. Women mustn't play in theatre, but this girl l-ved theatre. Her dream was to play. She imitated a man, because it was only possibility to play. She met Shakespeare, but he didn't know that she was a girl. When he realised this he fell in l-ve. This girl was a very good player - she was wonderful (she played Romeo). Every day after theatre they went to her house.

The young beggar saw that, and he said to everybody "he is a girl!". When people knew that she was thrown out and the theatre was closed. The manager of competition theatre proposed that they could play on his stage. And it happened. The play was a great success. But the film hasn't a really happy end. This girl l-ved Shakespeare and he l-ved her, but she had to merry somebody else chosen by her father.

"Zakochany Szekspir" got seven Oscars

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