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My best friend

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

My best friend calls Alexander. He is my cousin, and he has 18 years old. Alexander lives in Warsaw, and learns in High School of name Stefana Batorego. He is very tall, slim, and handsome. He has black, brilliant hairs, blue warm eyes, pimply cheeks, bright smile and high forehead. Alexander has always clean, and short cut nails. He is dressed always fashionably, and tidily. Alexander is very friendly, he has a god heart, and he is very sensitive for a animals and environment problems. He likes to sleep till late. He adores to look old movies in cinema. His favourites film directors, are Frederico Felinni, and Antonioni. He is very strong, and intelligent. He has bright mind and he always has lots of ideas.

His favourite subject is antique history and culture. He plays often basketball, tennis and football. He is a very god swimmer. His passion are computer games. His favourite food is chicken with crisps, and with cabbage salad, In his free time, he likes to relax in sofa, and reads a god, Shakespeare drama. Alexander has many friends, but he likes my most. He has conservative political view, and I'm a firm democrat. Alexander has also many faults. For example, he is an incorrigible bungler. He does not smoke cigarettes, but he drinks a lot of coffee every day. My cousin, is my idol. I have hope, that he likes my so, as I like him.

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