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Monika's holidays

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

It was the worst holiday Monika had ever had.Everything supposed to be so nice, it was last day of school,weather was beautyful,birds were singing.Near school she met her boyfriend Tom who was polite and gentle.This time Tom hasn't kissed Monika as he used to do every morning,but he was very serious and angry.Then it started... Monika left school very fast and only one person noticed that she was crying.It was her best friend Lisa and she as the best friend should do ran after Monika.Tom had left me,Monika said.Tom and Monika were together for over 2 years,so you can imagine her pain.

While she was going home, which was an old mansion ,she started thinking about trip with few friends to Italy which was planed over 3 months ago .

They were going on next saturday.She saw by the eyes of her soul hot beaches and almost naked handsome men .

When she came back home,she had heard that her parents were going to buy a new car, so there was no money for her trip.In Monika's opinion there was nothing to live for.

Her parents were very strict and she has understood before that they care only about themselves.Holidays at home without friends,boyfriend with no money at all!It seemd to be terrible,but it was her future.On the 5th day of holidays Monika's father bought a new, red and expencive BMW.Monika hated this car and not because she thought it was ugly, but because it had taken her dreams.

Monika was spending holidays day after day watching TV.Even her dog - Puffy had left her and ran after ice-cream man.She got a postcard from Italy what made her crying for a few days.

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