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Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

Money propel the great life machine of milions of human beings. Nowadays we can't do without them in our cruel reality. But why, why do they have so big influence on our lives? I think it's obvious that money aren't everything in this world, but not everybody can understand it.

Many rich people had to work hard for what they actually stir up common delight and respect. But very often it took place at the cost of family. In my life my mother and father make up very big support for me. They are always ready to help when I need them. And when they need help I'm their bedrock. Family is a unit of every society thus when something wrong is going on in it, whole community suffers. Affluent often neglected their closest in to grow richer and richer, they spent all their energy and spare time on gaining more money, realizing their sick ambitions. In this way many relationships and marriages are disintegrating, close people are becoming strangers to each other. Those who are blind by earning more and more money and can't think constuctive for the same reason, aren't worried by this situation. This is very sad and strange.

They don't care about trying to undo something in their relationships. And what is happenning with them after some time? They cry sitting alone in their houses made of gold. It doesn't happen very seldom that only chamber maid is present on the funeral of her moneyed employer. Only when they hear such story they realize that money don't have to give happieness. So far they don't understand that family and frendship are the highest values. I'd like to tell real story about rich family. History takes place in the middle of Secound World War. Our heroes are so wealthy that favouite of the family - dog has golden teeth. Unfortunatly Russian soliders come and take them everything they have. And all that they had in possesion at the moment was their family relationship. Instead of caviar they ate bread with lard, but it didn't really matter 'cause they had each other.

Another matter that I'd like to touch on is that money can be gain as fast as they can be lost. Many rich people make profit from sock exchange. In any time there can appear a crash that will change affluent into poor. History noticed at least one case of it - On the 24th of October 1929 on Wall Street in New York. This event led to a big economic collapse. I think that monied should puzzle if dough is more important in their lives than families.

I want to say one more time that money can't be the one and only aim of life, because in this case life would be very empty. In my opinion money are only necessary and indespensable addition in our lives, but they can't be it's essesnce. I think that people, who are looked up to money, are wasting their lives, what also badly influences family relationships. In my opinion they should realize that money will fade away, but feelings will stay. I suppose that we should put love and frienship on the first place in our humane hierarchy of importance.

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