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Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

Money is the power ,power is the money ..... We all know that people from our century are trying to get more ond more money ..... Money became people's aim in life ......

We live in a materialistic society.People want to possess as much as possible and only have the best .If we buy a TV-set ,the neighbour immediately buys a better one .If we buy a car ,the neighbour deciedes to buy a more expensive one or even two cars : one for himself and another one for someone from the family . If we buy a cottage over the lake ,our friends look for the same . This is commonly known in England as " Keeping up with the Jones's" .And so the frantic race goes on . We want to choose better things than our friends ,send our children to better schools and give them everything better . Our children must have the same as our neighbours in order to obtain the best education and better jobs. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between the Jones's syndrome and snobbishness!

It is only in affluent societies that peopel are obsessed with the chase for money .The money is spent on consumer goods ,namely clothes,cosmetics , cars ,tools, computers, food, houses etc. People do not have time to enjoy these things when they are already thinking of their replacement with a later model . They completely lose their sense of values. They think that if they possess more their dignity is raised . Only in old age or when dying do they see how precarious a balance based only on possessions is . They regret they have to leave all these valuable things , and it is hard for them to die.

In poor societies people enjoy life . They smile sincerely at every stranger, invite him home , share their joys and sorrows in simple conversations. Their open houses are provided with the oridinary necessary things which they do not have to guard night and day . They know that the richer you are ,the more greedy you are .

But the great problem of the contemporary world is how to share all those things . There are people in America who think of buying a private helicopter, and there are people in Nigeria who starve to death . The truth is the rich will never understand poor.

In my opinion money is necessery . We need to have some money for food , clothes and other things ,but when we have to much money we do not know what to do with it . Most people spend their lifes on making money .

They want to possess money no to spend them . Only to have a lot of money . But what the money really are ?

Their are only a piece of paper if we do not need them to survive .

The worst is that the one person can kill anothere for money .

But lets look into the past. Many years ago people did not have money . They could live without it . Their were exchaing good which they had to many for others which they did not have . It had its advantages and disadvantages .

Personally I think that I gave some evidence that money are people's aim in life.

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