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Modern world

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

Mankind changes all the time. We often wonder: what way other people choose, how they live, what kinds of problems do we have? Otherwise the answers aren’t simple and some people don’t want to devote too much time to finding them. But in my opinion sometimes we should realise what we do wrong and what we should change for the society’s good.

I think that the major problem of our modern society is that people still want to get more and more money. They forget about their feelings, they often make money at the cost of others. Most of them devote too little time to their families, they become insensible to people’s suffering. They don’t have time for entertainment and go for a vacation rarely. They lose their ideals.

Crime is also our serious problem. Most of us are afraid of going out late because we may become victims of robbery. We don’t feel safely during the day neither, for example when we are in a park or during a football match. It’s true that the number of crimes committed by teenagers is increasing all the time. It may be a result of bad up-bringing up but TV may be also the reason of that. TV shows bad examples of behaviour, which the young copy in their everyday life. In our families there is also generation gap - adults and teenagers can’t or don’t want to understand each other and it’s the cause of many unpleasant situations like escaping from home, quarrels, taking drugs, drinking alcohol. Most people don’t co-operate with one another, they don’t understand that if we want to live in peace we have to help one another. None of us pays attention to screaming or an alarm during walking along the street.

However, we should also note technical and intellectual progress. Nowadays we may do complicated operations like transplantations, cure people who suffer from many serious illnesses. Physicians invent more and more medicines, scientists construct more and more modern inventions. Computers, which enter our everyday life, often replace people in difficult calculations and help us at work and at home. A lot of people all over the world may communicate with one another using phones but also the Internet. Humans can travel in the space and explore other planets.

But everyone should know that technical development has also bad results. One of the main today’s life’s problems of today’s world is the environment’s contamination. We contaminate the atmosphere, water, soil, we kill animals but also ourselves. New illnesses appear because of noxious compounds’ activity. We have serious problems with incurable illnesses like AIDS.

In the modern society we are afraid of wars and dangerous weapons. In many places all over the world many innocent people die. A lot of people, say that they believe in God but in practise they reject Him. I think that it isn’t good if young people are atheists because a lot of them don’t have a moral standard and it may be the cause of improper mental development.

Summing up I want to make a point that probably our world is tending towards extermination and we should pay more attention to what we do. I’m interested in computers and some new technical inventions but I’m afraid that many of them may be used to bad aims (for examples wars or problem with experiments on embrions). In my opinion we should help one another, try to solve these problems to live safely in the peace and harmony.

clone – klonować; klon

is tending towards – podąża w kierunku

extermination - zagłada

improper - niewłaściwy

reject – odrzucać, nie akceptować

appear – pojawiają się

weapon - broń

note – zauważyć, dostrzec

activity - działalność

noxious compounds - szkodliwe związki

calculation - obliczenie

replace - zastąpić

divided - podzielony

the cost of sth - kosztem czegoś

insensibility to sth - nieczuły na coś

perceive - dostrzec, zauważyć

progress - postęp

cure - leczyć

incurable – nieuleczalna

devote – poświęcać (np. czas jakiemuś problemowi)

wonder – zastanawiać się

at the cost of sth – kosztem czegoś

vacation – wakacje

one another - nawzajem

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