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Men and women

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

All of us have quarrelled with a person of the opposite sex as least some times in our lives. I think we should reflect on why so often men and women don’t understand each over?. What are the differences between women’s and men’s psyche and what are the stereotypes concerning men and women?. It may help us to understand many things.

Centuries ago women had to work hard for their families and husbands - they had to cook, wash, clean. They also had to look after and bring up children. Women still stayed home, men earned money for their families. Only women from poor families worked for money. Contrary to women men could practise sport. He drove a car, pay charges. The role of a woman was limited in those times.

Woman’s and man’s role in our society has changed nowadays. Men as well as women work to earn money in most countries (in Italy there is still the conviction, that a woman shouldn’t work). A man can cook, clean and take care of his children. Many women drive cars, people created an image of a business-woman, who is intelligent, resourceful, vigorous and earns much money.

But in these times many women are still victims of discrimination. Sometimes men don’t tolerate women as drivers - they are convinced, that their wives, mothers, daughters can’t drive a car.

As we know fair sex is more sensitive than men. Very often women can appreciate art better than men. They like going to the theatre, museum or cinema more than lying in front of TV set with a beer or sleeping. Men like watch football or box matches. Women often think that it’s abnormal to watch these things, they prefer watching sport like skating or swimming. A woman is more peaceful and self-possessed. Men want to solve problems by using violence, women are against such methods. Women need more tenderness and men often don’t understand them. Men often like doing dangerous, exciting things like driving fast, many women think that is silly. Men want to manage women frequently and they also claim that women should do the cleaning, cooking and bring up children but men only have to work professionally. In my opinion it is a wrong attitude - women also can work and needn’t stay at home and look after children. In school we can notice that girls are generally more hard-working than boys, they have better notes.

Besides, some jobs are intended only for men or women. For example I have never seen any woman working as bricklayer and a man as a baby sitter. I think it’s good - woman can’t be so strong as men and men can’t be so sensitive as women.

In everyday life men like to present their strength and wisdom. Maybe it is a cause of stereotype that a man should be resistant to stress and pain, he mustn’t cry and he can always solve all problems.

Many women nowadays want to bring up their children without men. In my point of view it isn’t good for children, because all of us need father and his lack may have a negative influence on our psyche.

Generally speaking I want to make a point that women should have the same rights as men and, because fair sex is subtler, they should be treated with greater respect than men. In spite of all differences between men and women we should try to understand each over and try to solve our problems by talking. If we really want we can live together in happiness and care about each other.

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