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Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /14.11.2011

There is no “national press” in the United States, as it is in the British Kingdom. The main reason for this is that mostly the local newspapers are read in the U.S.A. However some of the newspapers can be found throughout the country (for example The Wall Street Journal). Reading the Sunday paper is a tradition in the U.S. (one Sunday issue of The New York Times from 1965 contained 946 pages and cost 50 cents) for some people it is an alternative to going to church. It usually takes them a whole day to get through it. Most of the newspapers, which are read in America, are of “high quality” - they do not feature crime, sex, and scandal.

Some of the largest newspapers are at the same time newsgathering business. They not only print newspapers, they also collect and sell news, news features, and photographs to hundreds of other newspapers in U.S. and abroad (The New York Times’, The Washington Post’s and the Los Angeles Times’ are the best known). Some of the U.S. papers, even though they are not worldwide or even countrywide, have a great influence on public opinion throughout the world. That is because some of their articles are quoted or bought by other newspapers.

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