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Marriage without children is not complete

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

We live in the world of ageing societies. In such countries as Germany or Hungary there has been a falling birthrate for many years. Even in Poland the number of people seems to be almost unchangeable and it is likely to drop soon. Unfortunately, more and more human beings decide to marry and not to have any children in the future.

There is no doubt that it is not only the problem of the decreasing European population but - above all - the one of the couple who makes such a decision.

Women and men. Both created to be together and to produce offspring. Obviously, they want to take care of each other, to spend long hours with one another and to have more fun than it is possible. However, there is no place in their lives for anybody else. In my view, this sad fact makes marriage incomplete.

Generally a childless couple lacks the joy of bringing up children - the joy of creating a new life and personality. What a great pleasure it is to watch kids grow up, to see their first steps or hear their impressions of a school day. I think that spouses who live without children never experience such happiness as they would if they were parents.

What is more, a woman usually needs to become a mother. When she does not, there is a risk that she will start treating her husband as a child. I am not sure the man would not enjoy it. Neither would the woman, when she was left-

Parenthood, however, is one of the most difficult challenges. It requires the ultimate responsibility and alertness from parents. That is why a man and a woman should really want to bring up children in order to complete their marriage.

In the future, if I am a husband, I will surely desire being a father. I think that is my duty and I am going to do everything to make my children happy.

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