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Lovely Spring

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

My favourite season of year is spring. Long and cold winter always drives me mad especially being spent in my hometown because it is impossible there to ski or ride a bike for instance. Of course there are many other disadvantages of spending winter in a city which are very clear and firm for everybody.

Spring, in my opinion, characterises waking up nature what reflects in appearing green leaves both on trees and bushes, singing birds, smell of people euphoria, warm and fresh air, increasing man activity, etc. All of these factors create an unrepeatable climate of the period. It always has huge influence on my behaviour, feeling and imagination. I love to ride a bike, visiting new fresh-green areas and many places without any goal. Walking dressed in a T-shirt and shorts becomes a pleasure because they do not confine moves and are very light. As days are definitely longer one may spend much more time outside with friends too. It is possible to organise trips out of Wrocław to observe countryside, changing nature in details, lay down on a glade, look at the sky and breath with pure oxygen or take a nap.

I think that not only most people appreciate values of this season but animals as well for they have no troubles to find food, etc. I love each spring as everything is regenerating once again, me too. Unfortunately the wonderful character of spring is assisted with very intensive learning at school. It all weaks abilities to concentrate on duties especially when hearing noise of children having fun outside.

It would be much better in case such beautiful time might be followed by more days out of duties to enjoy them properly.

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