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Los Angeles & surroundings

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

Los Angeles is a big city lying in the State of California in United States of America. It is a realization of a dream of America for many people, who comes to this place. There are a lot of districts in it. One of them is El Pueblo. Mexicans live there. They have their own style of cooking and they sing a lot of songs. Next district is Japanesse, where 1/10 of people comes from Asia. There are reviews made by Asiatics and Americans. Koreatown is a conglomeration of rich Korean. Little Saigon was founded by comunists after Vietnam's War.

They imported buddhism there. Negros is 10% of a population of people living in South LA. There was a man called Simon Red, who wanted to build a monument. Throw 30 years he has built Towers, which are very tall. Ruts is a district, in which poor people live; there are a lot of homeless. Eastern LA is the Spanish district; there are a lot of children and many gangs in it. People must earn money for funeral washing cars. The biggest port in the world-Marina del Ray-is a symbol of wealth. There could moor 6000 ships (yachts, etc.). There is Fisherman's Village in this port. It is the very beautiful place. In Venice people are living healthy.

There are a lot of pedestrians. Some time ago there were many hippies. Now there are many strangers. A lot of people is rollerskating and practising physical culture (thereis Mscle Beach, where can come only this people which are athletic). In California there are 270 sundays, so people spend most of their time on beaches. The biggest beach in California is Santa Monica. You can watch there athletic retired employees, who are not ashamed of their bodies. Westwood is a place, where are the most expensive flats and where are many cinemas. There are also Westwood village-very big business concern, Californian University, Mormon's Sanctuary, airport and the "drive-in" church-only one in the world. There is Disneyland, too. Long Beach-LA's port-is one of the biggest. In LA is some kind of idea for cars. People interested in them have their clubs and magazines.

There are short series of cars, a lot of speedways, etc. Throw rush hours which are between 7-9 and 15-19, there are so many cars on tke roads, that people had to build metro (3 lines: blue, green and yellow) instead of cars. Melrose Avenue is a street, which shops are disseminating fashion to the whole world. Sunset Boulevard-which is 40 km long-is a very popular street. There was even the film called like this (about this?). Hollywood is a "film town". There is one obsession there-to became famous. Many film stars lives there. Beverly Hills is Hollywood district. It's the richest district in the world. There are villas that cost 500 000 000 000 old zlotychs.

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