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Living under stress

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

Well, I would like to start my composition from corroborate the reasons of stress. There could be many reasons of stress. Some people are flurried because their way of living is so required for them. They devote so much time for work and carer at the cost of family and home. Some of them are flurried from occasion of approaching exams or tests.

If you are living in stress you schould spend more time with your family or friend(s) and you schoudn't think about the reason of your problem, but you must do every thing to make the the reason neutralize. The living in stress could be more dangerous than a being ill. Afther few years of living in stress your organism could not work normaly. Your hands will start palpitate, voice vibrate.You 'll have problems with concentration and your ability of receive will be limit. You will be more nervous and another people 'll have problem with comunicate with you. Anyway the problem of stress is more dangerous as we thing, because if we'll not change our livestyle. We could have a mental derangement.

That's why we must fight with this problem. Each schould have the mean against the stress. It could be every thing: books, music, sport. For example I'am parachuist or skydiver. When I jump with my friends from Słupsk's Skydiving Team I'am haveing relax. After the day spent in "airport" at Krępa I fell very good and I'am ready for next part of stress in school or home.

Besides I could always reckon on my friends.

It's no mater how big problems you have ,but do you have a mind to fight with them.

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