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Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

Nowadays many people decide to live in a city.The main reason for people migration from country is more work opportunity in a city. Smaller unemployment is in the city because there it is possible to find many workplaces which assure suitables rewards. There are many people who want to take profit from charms of large department stores, of shops, supermarkets and services as well as the many varieties entertainments, discos and night life not found in the country. Another advantage is meeting new people from different parts of world. It is essential when they are trying to improve any of foreign languages. But in the city is always noisy and it is difficult to find any quiet location there. In the course of time they tend to change their views and begin to appreciate the fresh air, natural home grown farm produce, and the peace and quiet found outside the town. So that they soon start to think of moving. Exactly country is a place where we can find fortune and peace. In this essay I intend to examine some arguments for and against living in a country.

First of all in a countries aren't many schools, libraries and bookshops. So that countryman hasn't possibilites to gain good education. Secondly schools don't have suitables objects which are useful. For example computers which are very helpful in learning. Nowadays if you want to have a good job now you should be able to work with a word processor and computer programs because most firms cannot exist without them. The computer programs develop children's reflex, they entertain and teach at the same time. Unfortunately computers and software are very expensive. Thirdly countrymen must work at a field because it is for them the only one source of keep. That is why children which are living in a country graduate at the age of fifteen after Primary school inasmuch as they don't have time for learning and therefore their parents don't send them to Secondary schools . They often bring home the bacon. Fourthly country hasn't got many good means of transport. Countrymen must commute to work and school in overcrowded buses and trains, in heavy traffic during the rush hour, what means endless queues at bus stops. Lastly countries hasn't got hospitals and points of first aid. Countrymen which are sick and injured must go to the city. There are of course several arguments for our main topic.

Firstly in a country is fresch air. That is why countrymen are healthier than city inhabitants. All the fumes and smoke that do not permit townspeople to breathe normally and tall buildings that blot out the sky and the sun, and each day the same, with no visual change in the seasons cause that city dweller becomes tired, old and sick, having been forced to adapt to an unnatural and polluted environment. Secondly villagers live without stress. Countrymen don't intercept that they don't catch a bus or train. There haven't traffic jams in the streets so they may sleep longer because they don't hear car hornes. In spite of that they live at a faster tempo with much hurry and rush, and as long as they are young and energetic they generally have the possibility to earn higher salaries and enjoy living in a city. Thirdly on a country are beautiful sceneries. Many people from cities go to villagers inasmuch as there find very splendid places. There are much forests where city inhabitants may relax from traffic noises, loud neighbours and daily work.

Fourthly there are healthier and more inexpensive food than in the city. Dwellers eat unhealthy food which is produce with no natural products. Food contain dangerous means. Only on a country we find fresch food, fresch milk, natural honey and tastier fruits or vegetables. Fifthly advantage is that there aren't crowds of people and it is easy to get from one place to another. Lastly, in a country is safer than in the town. In the city the burglaries and robberies happen more often so living there is rather risky. Higher crime rates and the constant threat of burglaries and robberies together with the exposure of young people to drugs and violence causes many young people to feel lonely, abandoned and lost. They look for goals and sense of live, but no one has time to help them, all being so busy with their own personal immense hurry for success.

Personally I want to live in a village because sometimes I feel like resting from traffic noises, unhealthy food, and television. I think that the beautiful smell of the contryside on arriving home, together with the profound sense of peace and quiet, does so much to relieve the stress and tension of a day in the city, that the suburbanite will certainly feel the living in a country is well worthwhile. Finally I want to write that each with us may find fortune and quiet in living in a country.

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