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Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

Dear Michel

I'm in France. We have now holidays. How are you? Are you too have holidays? In France, in Paris I am since last Monday. I'm living in a Kingdoom Hotel next to Eifel tower. It's an impressive view.

The weather is good. Is's perfect for visit this romantic country. I have been to Luwr, on the Eifel tower, and so many places that I don't remember every one.

Every night I'm outdoor. The lifie is starting about 22.00. People go out and they are very friendly. They like talking whit every one, and they like get new acquaintance.

What about eat? I can eat my national food, but I can eat too their national food whit a glass of wein. It's delicious. I'm going to staty here still about 2 days and then I going to Barcelon in Spain to see the match.

I very regret that you can be whit me here. Maby you will could go to Paris next time? Ok. I will be finishing because I have to do somethink. I don't have enough time to do everythink in this super country.

See you soon.

Your Andrzej

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