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Letter to a friend from USA

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

Hi Feliks

It's me as you can see. Thanks for your letter. After I read your letter I have to say that USA is like other world in comparision with Poland. Anyway let me tell you what's new here in Poland. Well your girlfriend Julia is still waiting for you and she misses very much. We've got new history teacher. She's got a squirt and she is very weird. I hope that she won't be here when you come (you wouldn't like her). Our school is under renovation and it looks like Warsaw after war. The bricks lies in the corridors and some classes are without windows so everybody walk in school in sweters and jackets because it's cold and windy. The bells don't work and we don't know when lessons start and when do they end.

Many people ask me about you. They curious what do you do in your spare time. I didn't want to tell them that you're braking protections of FBI and NASA in the internet so I told them that you're learning all the time. I think they believed me because you've always been a good student. Oh I almost forgot. Our tutoress said once that you are pattern of a student and if we will learn as good as you then maybe sometime we will go abroad too just like you. You should be proud now.

Well that wouyld be all. See you in September


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