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Letter of complaint (about holiday)

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

Dear Sir,

I have just returned from a holiday in Italy, staying at the Bella Vista Hotel, and I am writing to complain about number of points.

First of all I don't understand why you have changed my travel arrangements. You switched my flight, that changed my whole day plans, and finally I lost whole day waiting for my plane at the airport. Another thing is when I got to the airport in Italy your representative didn't turned up, and I had to take a taxi to the hotel. Also when I wanted to contact with her, she avoided me, I couldn't get from her any information.

The city was beautiful, tremendous beaches and views, nice and friendly people - that are the only good things that I can say about my holiday. The hotel and hotel service where I stayed was horrible. You have promised standard room with a sea view - that wasn't true. The Bella Vista Hotel was in poor condition. Lift was broke down almost every day and I had to climb on the sixth floor what was very annoying.

And food !!! The quality of food was very unsatisfactory. I must express ma concern about the fact that the variety of food offered by the restaurant was very low. Also there was no proper vegetarian food at all.

Last thing I want complain about is available watersports. It was very expensive, too much like for me. You should have prepared some special offer for your customers.

I recommend you changing thing that I complained about. You should try to improve the comfort of the hotel and the quality of food in the restaurant.

I will be content with an apology and I hope you will consider my suggestions positively.

Yours sincerely


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