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Letter of complaint

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

The Manager of High Street

Polish Telecommunications Cracow

1st January 2000

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you, because, from a very, very long time, I have huge problems in communication. This mainly refers long distance calls and connecting to Internet. I would like to draw your attention, that monopolization of communication market is not the reason for robbing people.

But let me start from the very beginning. Some time ago I tried to call my brother in the USA. I said, I tried, because after about two hours I hadn't got more patience to listen to your answering machine. I hope you share my view, that there are much more entertaining interlocutors.

What's more, to my surprise, on the month bill I saw, that every attempt to connect through your central was billed!

The other time, when I was using the Internet (after about half an hour of connect attempts), I was suddenly disconnected while I was sending very important documents to my company. I think it's awful, that a firm like yours couldn't give its users protection of their data.

The ones highlighted above are the most common things, which are making other people and me furious. I think, that something ought to be done to satisfy your clients, to give them opportunity for easy communication. I don't demand refunding costs of dozens of disconnected calls, I just want to have a responsible Telecommunications company in my country.

Yours faithfully


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