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Letter of application

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

Dear Mrs. Szewczyk

I am writting to apply for the position of sales assistant which was advertised in the "Wyborcza", April 23th 1999.

I am twenty - one years old. At present I am studying at the Jagielloński University where I have chosen computer studies. I will graduate in two year`s time.

I want to became a sales assistant because I know how to use Window 95, Windows 98 and many interesting programs. I have experience in selling computers, I have worked in the Optimus S.A. for two years.

I speak English fluently because I have studied it for 7 years, I will enjoy working in a English - speaking enviroment.

If you want to have the right person in the right place, please contact me. I would be pleased todiscuss my curriculum vitae with you in more detail. I am available for an interview any day of the week.

Your faithfully

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