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Kołobrzeg (j.ang)

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

The city has a long history. The first settlement was come into existence in Budziszyno, prabably on the turn of the eight century. In year 1000 Bolesław Chrobry established there the first Polish Bishopric. In 1255 year was established a new town on the right side of the Parsęta river. On the turn of the fourteenth century Kołobrzeg was received as a member of Hansa.

On the City's development large importent had fishery, trade and agriculture. Kołobrzeg was several times changed into a fortress and destroyed.

Today Kołobrzeg is a well-knew sea therapy resort and vacatin-relaxation homes. The cities economic life is based on the development of turism and sea management.

In Kołobrzeg are many relics and monuments. For exaple: John The Babtist Church in Budzistowo, which was build in therteen century, Powder Turret, which is remains of medieval city fortifications, Town Hall located in the center poin of Kołobrzeg - build in 1832 in Neo-Gothic style; presently the seat of City's Cultural Center, Modern Art Gallery and Art Program Agency as well as monument of matrimony with the sea. There are also numerous Relics of nature: Common beech-tree or Plantans'Alley.

Kołobrzeg belongs to one of the moste visited cities on the coast. Its tourism features are know not only in Poland but also abroad. I was there three times; one time with my parents and two times on the summer camp. I want go there again beaucose Kołobrzeg is a most beautiful moritime city in Poland.

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