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Jobs and life styles

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /13.11.2011

All people have their own jobs and life styles. Some of them are workmen, a lot of people work as clerks, others are directors and managers. Some jobs require great effort from us like working in a mine or on the oil platform. Many people, who work as, for example, tour guides or managers have to go abroad and visit many different places all the time. A lot of people don’t have enough time for their families because they devote it to their jobs.

Many people nowadays suffer from stress. It is also a result of being tired all the time. People often overestimate their strength and work too hard and too long. They have too little time for their families, for a rest and meeting friends. They often don’t go to the theatres and cinemas, they spend all their free time at home. Some people aren’t glad of their jobs. They complain of the fact that the job doesn’t give them satisfaction and they are too boring. I think it’s often a result of choosing the job for money – the young always want to earn much money and they often think that working is only making money. But in fact there isn’t so – if you want to be happy – your job should also give you satisfaction and pleasure.

I think that in the future I will have a job connected with computers. I think that it is very interesting job and I have already talked with some people who work as computer experts. I want to work in telecommunication firm most – there are many free positions in this part of economy and I think that I could earn enough money working there. Besides I think that computer science is developing very fast branch of science and in a job I want to have many changes all the time – a person who does this job knows new technologies all the time, he often goes to many different training courses and he solves many different problems – I think it is a very ambitious job. I never would like to work as a workman – I think that this job is often causes health problems and it wouldn’t give me real satisfaction.

I also want to have a job connected with travelling. I think it is very interesting when you travel to other countries, visit many interesting cities, places, know a lot of foreigners. If I had a chance to go to the USA or England for some months to work there – I would agree. Many young people in Poland profit from such jobs – they go abroad for some weeks or months and earn money and after it they go somewhere to rest. Thanks to it they mustn’t ask their parents for money, they learn to be independent and solve many problems which they will have in their adult lives.

Summing up, I think that many young people dream about their future life, job which they will have but they should realize that occupation ought to give them not only money. In my opinion work gives us satisfaction if we like our jobs, if we earn enough money and if we have enough free time. I also think that what we will do in the future depends on our education – if we have good results and if we study at a good university – we have a better chance to find a good and well-paid job than someone, who haven’t enough qualifications. In my opinion our future lifestyle depends on what we will choose in the future: career, money or a family.

occupation - zawód

devote – poświęcać (np. czas)

branch of science – dziedzina nauki

clerk = intellectual worker

most – najbardziej; większość

complain of – skarżyć się na

ambitious - ambitna

overestimate – przeceniać

weariness – znużenie

require – wymagać

training courses - szkolenia

occupation - zawód

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