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Is smoking bad for your health?

Autor /Maksymilian Dodano /15.11.2011

Many people in the world smoke. Smoking causes addiction. Every day you sink more and more into your habit. And you can’t net free from this. Smokers kill themselves and people who are near them. Smoking causes much illness. It could be a cause for heart attack. It’s very wrong. Smoking very often could result into mouth or lung cancer. Smokers very often have bad fit, and yellow skin.

True is also this that smokers breath is not fresh. Wrong is also this that very often small children suffer. They could be seriously ill. But now in a public place there are prohibitions for smokers. It’s one of way to protect people who don’t smoke from smoke of cigarettes. Premature deaths, bronchist and lug cancer, smell from your mouth, cough, risk of heart disease.

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